DIRECTIONS FOR USE - Yes, a lot of customers aren't sure what to do with a bar of soap! We all remember the days of a messy soap dish and harsh soap.

SHOWER:  First, try soap in the shower instead of that bottle of body wash. You will notice how great your skin feels after just a few uses, and no more plastic bottles!  You can use a washcloth, soap pouch, or use soap directly on your skin.

BATHROOM:  Next, replace that bottle of pump soap next to your bathroom sink with a handmade soap bar. Many customers who have made the switch comment on how soft their hands are now! 

FACE:  While any of our soaps can be used on your face, the CLAY FACIAL BAR and CHARCOAL & TEA TREE have many additional and wonderful skin benefits.


All of the soaps will make your skin feel amazing, so it's just a matter of what fragrances you like. Bundles are the end cuts and let you try a variety of smaller pieces.

Unscented soaps also have the same benefits to your skin. HONEY & OATS and CALENDULA are gentle, unscented bars. The CHARCOAL & CLAY is a customer favorite too!  

ABOUT HANDMADE SOAP: Soaps are handmade using the cold process method in small batches with all natural ingredients. The base oils are organic and/or sustainable. The addition of clay, herbs, exfoliants, and high quality essential oils are added to some soaps, while others are left unscented. They do not contain any dyes, fragrances, or preservatives. Once the soap is poured into the mold, it is cut into bars the next day and cures for 6 weeks.  This produces a hard, long-lasting, and high-quality bar of soap.

ZERO WASTE - BECAUSE GREEN MATTERS:  All natural soap is not only wonderful for your skin, it is also a zero waste product. When a bar of soap is gone - its gone. No plastic bottles or packaging. Fewer bottles in the shower, no more plastic liquid soap dispensers to throw away. 

SOAP LIFT: New to using natural soaps? Their lifespan can be increased dramatically by keeping them dry and out of direct contact with water. I recommend purchasing a soap lift! This is a great product that will keep your soap from sitting in water and help it last, and not get stuck in the dish. This is optional, but you will be glad you have one.