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MAPLE SYRUP  We tap our trees, and collect the sap almost daily February -April depending on weather. The temperatures need to be above freezing during the day, and below freezing at night for the sap to run.  Sometimes it starts earlier and then stops for a while. The sap is cooked down over a wood fire. It takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. If you want to see more of the process, follow us on social media.

HONEY our bees spend the warm summer days making honey and we harvest it late summer/early fall. We spin the frames from the hive, filter it through a screen, and bottle it.  You are getting pure raw honey direct from the hive. It is normal for honey to crystalize - if it does you know you have real honey that still has all the good stuff.  If you set your honey in a pan of warm water it will become liquid once again. 


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