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"SOLESEIFE" is the German name for soap made with salt water. Soleseife is different from a salt bar because the salt is dissolved in the water (brine)  instead of being added to oils. The result is a luxurious, smooth spa bar that’s almost like lathering up with a river rock the more you use it.  This is a hard, dense bar that is not scratchy. 

Do you ever add salts to a bath because you love how your skin feels?  You can be the same benefits using a salt bar in the shower. 

Creamy lather - because salt bars are formulated differently, you will get luxurious, silky, lotion-like lather rather than big bubble lather.

Moisture - salt bars are not drying, but gently exfoliates the skin to balance the oils - salts help to draw impurities from the skin, making for a wonderfully detoxing skin routine.

Minerals - Sea Salt contains many minerals, primarily magnesium, potassium, iodine, calcium, and zinc  

Handcrafted round Salt Water bar is made with olive oil, organic coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, rose clay, pink sea salt, and lavender and litsea essential oils.  

 3.5oz round bar

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